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Mechanism of halite crystal shapes formation in evaporites of Member 2 in Gachsaran Formation at Ab-Teymure Oil Field (8844 Views)
Zoning and chemistry of garnets in eclogites and blueschists in ophiolitic complex of eastern Birjand: An evidence for subduction process in eastern Iran (8512 Views)
Variety of authomorph quartz crystals from the Qohrud, south Kashan, instance for diverse crystallization conditions of magmatic and hydrothermal liquids (5881 Views)
Sepiolite occurrence in ultramafics of the North Nain (5717 Views)
Synthesis and single crystal X-ray diffraction of hybrid inorganic-organic based on Praseodymium-dipicolinic acid and nano-structured silicotungstate (5528 Views)
Iron oxide-copper-gold (IOCG) mineralization at Jalal-Abad deposit, northwest of Zarand (5426 Views)
Mineralogical studies of metasomatic minerals within volcanic rocks of High Zagros salt domes (5185 Views)
Mineralogy and genesis of serpentine group minerals in serpentinites of the Baft ophiolite mélange in Kerman province (5044 Views)
Geochemistry and petrogenesis of The Hormuz Formation diabase rocks, Hormozgan province (south Iran) (4986 Views)
Petrology and geochemistry of the metamorphic rocks in the SW Arak and it’s comparison with neighboring areas (4851 Views)
Mineralogy and geochemistry of Rahmatabad Kaolin deposit, ghaut of Mollaahmad Nain, Isfahan Province (4817 Views)
Mineral chemistry of chlorite as a method for geothermometry of hydrothermal alteration from Qezildash sulfide deposit, NW IRAN (4773 Views)
The study of mineralogy, geochemistry and fluid inclusions in quartz veins at the Mazreh Shadi gold deposit, northeastern Tabriz (4760 Views)
Geology, Mineralization, Alteration and Geochemical Exploration in Kajeh area, Ferdows (4712 Views)
Geochemistry and tectonic setting of granite-gneisses from Abadchi, north of Shahrekord (4699 Views)
Mineralogical features of amphibole in the Mashhad amphibole-peridotites (4588 Views)
Comparison of Qaleh Zari Cu-Au-Ag deposit with other Iron Oxides Cu-Au (IOGC-type) deposits, a new classification (4496 Views)
The geochemistry and mineralogy of raw materials, clinker, Portland cement and dust produced in Neka cement factory, Mazandarn Province (4401 Views)
Mineralogy, geochemistry and origin of Baft northeast volcanic rocks (south Kerman): Evidence for volcanic arc magmatism in Uromieh-Dokhtar magmatic belt (4383 Views)
Application of chromite composition as a petrological indicator for determination of the Dehsheikh ultramafic complex origin (south of Kerman Province, Iran) (4332 Views)
Structural, Morphological and Magnetic Properties of Co-Zn Ferrite Thin Films Deposited by Spray Pyrolysis (4298 Views)
Mineral chemistry, Geohemistry and mineral chemistry of the amphibolites in the northeast of Dorud (Lorestan province) (4256 Views)
The effects of citric acid molar ratio on structural, magnetic and dielectric properties of Y- type strontium hexaferrite nanostructure (4244 Views)
The effects of acid drainage in formation of environmental minerals (secondary minerals) in Galand-rud coal mines and waste materials of Vatani coal washing, Mazandaran province (4243 Views)
Application of heavy minerals in Provenance interpretation of siliciclastics in Oman continental shelf, Chabahar to Jask area (4206 Views)
Segregation of bentonite components in order to achieve nano montmorillonite (4198 Views)
Mineralogy, textural relations and mineral compositions of the metaperidotites from the Naghadeh area, West Azerbaijan province (4195 Views)
Mineral paragenesis, a key in determination of physico-chemical conditions of skarnification, a case study, Mohammad-Abad district, SW Yazd Province (4177 Views)
Mineralogy and mineral chemistry of andesites in comparison with their magmatic enclaves from the Ghikhlar area (East Azarbaidjan) (4153 Views)
Chemical composition of minerals and genesis of mafic microgranular enclaves in intermediate - acidic plutonic rocks from Kuh -e- Zar area (southeast of Semnan) (4150 Views)
The investigation of the chemical and structural variations of copper and silver sulphides by SRS (A case study of Mineralogical and Geochemical applications of X-ray absorption spectroscopy) (4131 Views)
mineralogy of Non - sulphied ore from the mehdi abad zinc - lead deposit, centeral. iran (4078 Views)
Mineralogy, technological properties, and industrial application of kaolin deposits at Nivasht and Kabudkamar areas, northwest of Saveh, Central Province (4051 Views)
Application of clay minerals as an indicator for soil erosion:An example from Lateshur watershed, southeast of Tehran (4051 Views)
Preparation of different phases of hemihydrate from Alamout natural gypsum and study of effective parameters on setting time. (4038 Views)
Mineralogical and Geochemistry of intrusive rocks south of Moein Abad (East Iran, Zirkouh Qaen) (4036 Views)
Cheshmeh Gaz (Nasim) copper deposit, NW Bardaskan: mineralogy, alteration, geochemistry, and determination of model (3968 Views)
Qualification of montmorillonite purification process for nanoclay production (3964 Views)
The study of distribution of monazite and REE in the Marvast alluvium, Yazd, Iran (3958 Views)
Geothermobarometry of Quartz Crystals in the Intrusive bodies of Almogholagh Batholith, (Hamedan) (3948 Views)
Mineral chemistry and petrology of gabbroic bodies from ophiolitic complex of SE Soltan Abad (Sabzevar) (3937 Views)
Mineral chemistry and thermometry of chlorites in mineralization zones and metamorphic rocks from Golgohar iron ore deposit (No. 1), Sirjan, Kerman (3936 Views)
Petrography and petrology of listwaenites in the east of Khoosf (3887 Views)
Application of Amphibole Mineral Chemistry in the Study of Magma Features and Geothermobarometry of Granitoid Rocks of NW Saveh, Central Iran (3880 Views)
Investigation of petrological, mineralogical and geochemical properties of Javaherdasht gabbros (east of Guilan province) (3872 Views)
Physical conditions and magmatic processes by crystal size distributions in the granitoids from the Byarjomand Batholith, north-central Iran (3853 Views)
Investigation on the mineral chemistry and the role of biotite total aluminum in detecting the type of mineralization in the intrusive bodies of Karaj-Taleghan axis (3847 Views)
Microfacies, Depositional Sedimentary Environment and Primary Carbonates Mineralogy of the Cretaceous Succession in Bashm Mountain, South of Centeral Alborz (3822 Views)
Application of amphibole and plagioclase mineral chemistry for studying of Jebal-E-Barez granitoid genesis and geothermobarometry (Kerman province, Bam) (3819 Views)
Study of Au±Cu mineralization of Jalambadan area (NW Sabzavar) based on mineralogy of alteration and mineralization zones, and geochemistry (3808 Views)
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