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Mechanism of halite crystal shapes formation in evaporites of Member 2 in Gachsaran Formation at Ab-Teymure Oil Field (8819 Views)
Zoning and chemistry of garnets in eclogites and blueschists in ophiolitic complex of eastern Birjand: An evidence for subduction process in eastern Iran (8484 Views)
Variety of authomorph quartz crystals from the Qohrud, south Kashan, instance for diverse crystallization conditions of magmatic and hydrothermal liquids (5837 Views)
Sepiolite occurrence in ultramafics of the North Nain (5687 Views)
Synthesis and single crystal X-ray diffraction of hybrid inorganic-organic based on Praseodymium-dipicolinic acid and nano-structured silicotungstate (5495 Views)
Iron oxide-copper-gold (IOCG) mineralization at Jalal-Abad deposit, northwest of Zarand (5329 Views)
Mineralogical studies of metasomatic minerals within volcanic rocks of High Zagros salt domes (5137 Views)
Mineralogy and genesis of serpentine group minerals in serpentinites of the Baft ophiolite mélange in Kerman province (4977 Views)
Geochemistry and petrogenesis of The Hormuz Formation diabase rocks, Hormozgan province (south Iran) (4862 Views)
Petrology and geochemistry of the metamorphic rocks in the SW Arak and it’s comparison with neighboring areas (4818 Views)
Mineralogy and geochemistry of Rahmatabad Kaolin deposit, ghaut of Mollaahmad Nain, Isfahan Province (4779 Views)
Mineral chemistry of chlorite as a method for geothermometry of hydrothermal alteration from Qezildash sulfide deposit, NW IRAN (4713 Views)
The study of mineralogy, geochemistry and fluid inclusions in quartz veins at the Mazreh Shadi gold deposit, northeastern Tabriz (4710 Views)
Geology, Mineralization, Alteration and Geochemical Exploration in Kajeh area, Ferdows (4679 Views)
Geochemistry and tectonic setting of granite-gneisses from Abadchi, north of Shahrekord (4638 Views)
Mineralogical features of amphibole in the Mashhad amphibole-peridotites (4523 Views)
Comparison of Qaleh Zari Cu-Au-Ag deposit with other Iron Oxides Cu-Au (IOGC-type) deposits, a new classification (4466 Views)
The geochemistry and mineralogy of raw materials, clinker, Portland cement and dust produced in Neka cement factory, Mazandarn Province (4359 Views)
Mineralogy, geochemistry and origin of Baft northeast volcanic rocks (south Kerman): Evidence for volcanic arc magmatism in Uromieh-Dokhtar magmatic belt (4337 Views)
Application of chromite composition as a petrological indicator for determination of the Dehsheikh ultramafic complex origin (south of Kerman Province, Iran) (4296 Views)
Structural, Morphological and Magnetic Properties of Co-Zn Ferrite Thin Films Deposited by Spray Pyrolysis (4260 Views)
Mineral chemistry, Geohemistry and mineral chemistry of the amphibolites in the northeast of Dorud (Lorestan province) (4217 Views)
The effects of citric acid molar ratio on structural, magnetic and dielectric properties of Y- type strontium hexaferrite nanostructure (4215 Views)
The effects of acid drainage in formation of environmental minerals (secondary minerals) in Galand-rud coal mines and waste materials of Vatani coal washing, Mazandaran province (4200 Views)
Application of heavy minerals in Provenance interpretation of siliciclastics in Oman continental shelf, Chabahar to Jask area (4171 Views)
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A study of structural, electrical and magnetic properties of zinc ferrite nanoparticles doped with chromium (4297 Downloads)
Application of chromite composition as a petrological indicator for determination of the Dehsheikh ultramafic complex origin (south of Kerman Province, Iran) (4239 Downloads)
The study of texture and different phases constituting the Jajarm Bauxite minerals in northern Khurassan, NE Iran (3929 Downloads)
Geochemical and textural characteristics of plagioclase as evidence for open-system processes: Case study from Bazman volcano (SE Iran) (3766 Downloads)
Mineralogy, chemistry and genesis of bentonite of the Eocene sediments at Aftar region, western Semnan (2895 Downloads)
Effects of Thermo-magnetic Heat Treatment on Microstructure and Magnetic Properties of Alnico 5DG Alloy (2466 Downloads)
Comparison of ETM+ and ASTER data for hydrothermal alteration mapping in the central part of the Dehaj-Sarduyeh belt, Kerman Province (2430 Downloads)
Investigation on mineralogy, geochemistry characteristics and Sr-Nd isotopic analysis for volcanic rocks and dikes covered by Miocene sedimentary sequences in the Sker area, NE Baft city in Kerman Province (Urumieh-Dokhtar zone) (2234 Downloads)
The investigation of surface soil geochemistry and mineralogical role in the heavy metal bioavailability of Sabzevar area (2083 Downloads)
Mineralogy, type, and metallogenic potential of alteration zones in Barandagh quadrangle, NE Zandjan, Iran. (2072 Downloads)
Application of clay minerals as an indicator for soil erosion:An example from Lateshur watershed, southeast of Tehran (2070 Downloads)
Investigation of petrography, alteration zones and geochemical Dehsalm Mahour 2 lead deposit, East of Lut block, Central Iran. (2044 Downloads)
Geology, mineralization and geochemistry of Tak I, Taknar polymetal massive sulfide (Cu-Zn-Au-Ag-Pb) deposit, Khorasan- Bardaskan (2017 Downloads)
Study of different sample preparation methods for SEM micrographs from heavy metal-contaminated illite and kaolinite (1937 Downloads)
Petrography, geochemistry and petrology of the South Sahneh Ophiolite Complex (NE Kermanshah) (1740 Downloads)
Influence of Co substitution on magnetoelastic properties of Nd6Fe13Cu compound (1699 Downloads)
Cheshmeh Gaz (Nasim) copper deposit, NW Bardaskan: mineralogy, alteration, geochemistry, and determination of model (1693 Downloads)
Comparison of the geochemistry of source rocks at Tannurjeh Au-bearing magnetite & Sangan Au-free magnetite deposits, Khorasan Razavi, Iran (1631 Downloads)
Comparison of PGE concentration in the chromitites of Khoy Ophiolite: Its implication for the presence of two types of chromitites with two different origins (1617 Downloads)
Variety of authomorph quartz crystals from the Qohrud, south Kashan, instance for diverse crystallization conditions of magmatic and hydrothermal liquids (1612 Downloads)
Influence of WO, and MnO, on tbe Bi-2223 bigb temperature superconducton, prepared by sol-gel tecbnique (1602 Downloads)
Geochemistry, petrography and tectonic setting of volcanic rocks in valley Zarchuiyh (southeast of Bardsir, Kerman) (1595 Downloads)
The study of mineral chemistry and estimation of metamorphic temperature and pressure of the garnet amphibolites from the Hamedan area (1577 Downloads)
Synthesising and comparing electrical properties of NTC thermistors prepared from nanopowder and solid state reaction (1575 Downloads)
Investigation of the role of microstracture on magnetic properties of Ni-Zn ferrites, prepared from modified Mobarakeh steel Complex Iron Oxide (1524 Downloads)
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