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Riyahi F, Shabanian N, Davoudian A. Fractal analysis of quartz grain boundary sutures gneissic granite of Abadchi, north of Shahrekord. www.ijcm.ir 2024; 32 (1) :113-126
URL: http://ijcm.ir/article-1-1854-en.html
1- Faculty of Natural Resources and Earth Sciences, Shahrekord University
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The granitic gneisses of Abadchi village is located in the north of Zayandeh-Rud dam, and the area is a part of Sanandaj-Sirjan Zone. The mineralogical composition of these rocks are composed of quartz, plagioclase, K-feldspar, biotite, amphibole, muscovite, zircon, titanite and allanite. Quartz crystals, as the most abundant mineral constituents of these rocks, display the different conditions of deformation dynamic on the studied rocks according to their texture. Moreover, quartz crystals show evidences of bulging recrystallization (BLG), sub grain rotation (SGR), and grain boundary migration (GBM). Deformation of quartz crystals depends on the temperature and strain-rate and can be determine using T/strain- rate diagram. Therefore, the fractal dimension at quartz grain boundary sutures is between 1.23 and 1.11 and temperatures between 250-400 °C and 500 -750 °C in the granitic gneisses. Using the fractal dimension and calculation of temperature, the strain rates are measured 10-11.6 to 10-6.6for the four domain of granitic gneiss sample. The results obtained from the diagram are consistent with the deformation evidence of quartz crystals (GBM, SGR, BLG).
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