The Iranian Journal of Crystallography and Mineralogy (IJCM) published quarterly aims to develop and enhance research in crystallography and mineralogy areas and to present the latest scientific research findings at the national level ensuring authors gain maximum impact and visibility for their work. The science of crystallography and mineralogy containing the sub-branches of the academic basic sciences such as geology, chemistry, physics, materials engineering and mining engineering discerns the arrangement and bonding of atoms in crystalline materials according to the principles of crystallography. Crystallography science concerns determining the position of atoms and ions in crystal lattice, the lattice symmetry and the space group of crystal structure. Nowadays, different X-ray based methods are employed to determine the nature of crystalline material, the internal structure and even the chemical composition of materials. Particularly, X-ray diffraction (XRD) is an important method to characterize the structure of crystalline material; X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectroscopy is a well-established technique used to determine the chemical composition of a wide variety of samples with a detection limit at sub ppm levels. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) are utilized for morphological and microstructural analyses. All the researches on the mentioned crystallography and mineralogy-related subjects are in scope of IJCM.

Published since: 1993
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Iranian Journal of Crystallography and Mineralogy

2023، Volume 31، Number 3

Print ISSN: 1726-3689

Online ISSN: 2588-4719

Director-in-Charge: Dr. Nasser Tajabor

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Nasser Tajabor

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  • Synthesis and crystal structure of core-shell supramolecular compound of polyoxyvanadate nanoclusters
    Faezeh Moghzi *, Farnam Zamani Foroushani, Janet Soleimannejad
  • Geochemistry and petrogenesis of appinite rocks and accompanied granite rocks from SW Naghadeh-NW Iran
    Maryam Yazdani *
  • Petrography, olivine chemistry, geochemistry and origin of basalts of the Pedaran area (Southeast of Birjand)
    Seyyed Saeid Mohammadi *, Malihe nakhaei
  • Mineralogical and geochemistry of alteration zones in Qizilligh area-North Sarab (NW Iran)
    Rogayyeh Fathi, Mohsen Moayyed *, Nasir Amel, Mohammad Fadaeian, Amin Allah Kamali
  • Geology, geochemistry and mineralogy of alteration zone and mineral occurrence in Kalateh Bargh copper prospect area, northwest of Bardaskan
    mohadese Ebrahimi,, Mohammad Hassan Karimpour *, Alireza Mazloumi Bejstani3
  • Mineral chemistry and thermobarometry of Kharil-Klasur intrusive rocks (SW Kaleybar
    sadiqeh sadri *, ,
  • The Effect of Yellow Apple’s skin, Red Apple’s skin and Cercis siliquastrum’s Petals on Dye Sensitized Solar Cells Based on TiO2 Nanoparticles
    Zahra Tabasi Haeri, Ana Khajehnezhad *, Leila Motevalizadeh, Elham Darabi
  • Geochemical characteristics of potassic alkaline magmatism of the northeastern Qazvin (Pargeh area)
    nahid naseri, Reza Zarei Sahamieh *, Matthew Leybourne, Anderson Costa dos Santos, Ahmad Ahmadi Khalaji
  • P-T pattern of eclogite formation of the Shafarud Metamorphic Complex in the Talesh subzone, NW Iran using zoned garnets
  • Mineralogy and geochemistry of Masteroon pegmatite (North of Aligudarz- Lorestan Province)
    SeyedVahid Shahrokhi, Esmaeil Darvishi *
  • Geochemistry of biotite and its formation conditions in Hararan granitoid
    Salimeh Dehghani Dashtabi *, mohammad rahgoshay,
  • The effect of annealing and thickness on optical and electrical properties of Cs2AgBiI6 layer prepared by thermal evaporation method as an absorber material for lead-free perovskite solar cells
    Ali Karimi Zarchi, Abbas Behjat *, Hojjat Amrollahi Bioki
  • Geochemistry and tectonic setting of Aralan granitic intrusion (southwest of Maran), Central Iran zone
    *, ,
  • Mineral chemistry of gabbro- dioritic xenoliths in Monavvar volcanic rocks (Northwest of Tabriz- NW Iran)
    Afsoun Akhshani, Mohsen Moayyed *, Nasir Amel, Amin Allah Kamali, Mohammad Fadaeian
  • Mineralogy and geochemistry of the Mazraeh manganese deposit, southwest of Maku, NW Iran
    Akram Behjat, Ali Abedini *, Farhang Aliyari, Ali Asghar Calagari
  • Mineralogy, mineral chemistry and thermobarometry of the metamorphic complex of the Vehnan area in the west of Alvand (Hamedan)
    Ali Asghar Sepahi-Gerow *, Fatemeh Moradi, Mahsa Tahmasebi
  • Geothermometry and mineralogy of silicic veins in Arzanfood area (Hamedan province)
    mehrdad Barati *, Akram Ostadhosieni, Siamak Abdi,
  • The Study Petrofabric and Thermometry of South-Gharezagh S-type Syenogranite rocks (NW Iran)
    Mahboobeh Jamshidibadr *
  • Geochemistry, mineralogy, and development constraints of the Changarzeh non-sulfide ore, southern Natanz: Implications on tracing of carbonate rock-hosted supergene Pb-Zn deposits
    Ebrahim Tale Fazel *
  • Investigating of the energy band of core electrons to identify the defects of BaTiO3 nanoelectroceramic doped with different concentrations of Nb element
    Mahdi Ghasemifard *
  • Investigation of physical properties of pure and Ba-doped lead zirconate titanate, synthesized by Sol-gel combustion
    Gholamhossein khorrami *, Maliheh Mousavi, Mohammad Alinejadmofrad
  • Petrology, geochemistry and magmatic and geodynamic evolutions of volcanic rocks south of Ardabil (northwest of Iran)
  • Mineralogy and geochemistry of the Tatros kolin deposit, southwest of Danesfahan, Gazvin province, Iran
    Ali Abedini *
  • Petrogenesis of metamorphic areola of Lalezar granite using mineralogy and pyroxene-garnet temperature-pressure measurement in skarns of Hararan region (northwest of Lalezar igneous complex)
    Salimeh Dehghani Dashtabi *, Mohammad Rahgoshay, Shahryar Mahmoody
  • Determining retrograde metamorphism conditions of the metadoleritic dykes of North Shahrekord metamorphic Complex, based on the mineral chemistry of chlorite and calcite deformation twinning
    Fariba Riyahi, Nahid Shabanian *, Alireza Davoudian
  • Mineralogy, geochemistry, structure, texture and formation of Arc sedimentary copper occurrence (Redbed), northwest of Birjand, South Khorasan
    Azadeh Malekzadeh *, Amir mahdavi, Arezo khosravi
  • Mineral chemistry and geothermobarometry of Late Neoproterozoic gabbroic bodies from Shotor-Kuh area, N Torud (SE Shahrood) based on pyroxene and amphibole chemistry
    Ghasem Ghorbani *, ,
  • Investigation of mineral chemistry and geothermobarometry of plagioclase, pyroxene and amphibole phenocrysts of Hossein Abad volcanic rocks (southeast of Abhar)
    Mohammad Ali Arian *, Masoud Nazari, Ali Solgi, Reza Zarei Sahamiyeh, Abdullah Yazdi
  • Effect of Ni and Zn co-substitutions on structural, optical, and photocatalytic properties of Cu1-3xNixZn2xFe2O4 ferrite
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    • Publisher: Iranian Socity of Crystallography and Mineralogy
    • Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Nasser Tajabor
    • Director-in-Charge: Dr. Nasser Tajabor
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    • Current Issue: 2023، Volume 31، Number 3
    • Print ISSN: 1726-3689
    • Online ISSN: 2588-4719

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