The Iranian Journal of Crystallography and Mineralogy (IJCM) published quarterly aims to develop and enhance research in crystallography and mineralogy areas and to present the latest scientific research findings at the national level ensuring authors gain maximum impact and visibility for their work. The science of crystallography and mineralogy containing the sub-branches of the academic basic sciences such as geology, chemistry, physics, materials engineering and mining engineering discerns the arrangement and bonding of atoms in crystalline materials according to the principles of crystallography. Crystallography science concerns determining the position of atoms and ions in crystal lattice, the lattice symmetry and the space group of crystal structure. Nowadays, different X-ray based methods are employed to determine the nature of crystalline material, the internal structure and even the chemical composition of materials. Particularly, X-ray diffraction (XRD) is an important method to characterize the structure of crystalline material; X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectroscopy is a well-established technique used to determine the chemical composition of a wide variety of samples with a detection limit at sub ppm levels. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) are utilized for morphological and microstructural analyses. All the researches on the mentioned crystallography and mineralogy-related subjects are in scope of IJCM.

Published since: 1993
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Iranian Journal of Crystallography and Mineralogy

2023، Volume 31، Number 1

Print ISSN: 1726-3689

Online ISSN: 2588-4719

Director-in-Charge: Dr. Nasser Tajabor

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Nasser Tajabor

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  • Investigation of distribution pattern of Rare Earth Elements (REEs) in Hormuz apatites as an exploratory approach using comparing the distribution pattern of major elements and rare earth elements in rhyolites of Hormuz and Gachin salt domes
    Ali Rostami *, Samad Alipour, Ali Abedini
  • Mineralization and genesis of the Pb-Zn(-Cu) non-sulfide ore in Chah Mileh deposit (NE Anarak), Central Iran
    Behzad Mehrabi, Nafiseh Chaghaneh *, Ebrahim Tale Fazel
  • Dumak ophiolitic mélange, west of Zahedan (Eastern Iranian Range) Special focus on petrographic and geochemical properties of pillow lavas and sheeted dikes
    *, , ,
  • Using mineral chemistry in determining the formation conditions and tectonic setting of Dalfard quartz-diorites (northwest of Jiroft-Kerman province)
    Zeinab Rahmanian, Gholam Reza Ghadami *, Hamid Ahmadipour, Mohammad Poosti
  • Petrology, geochemistry and petrogenesis properties of igneous units in the Kuh-Rakhneh district: with respect to its alteration pattern and mineralization process (Southwest of Birjand, South Khorasan Province)
    Hossein Rostam pour Moghadam beglar, Amir Nekouei, Hossain Sani Ghalhar *, Fatemeh Najmi, Hamid Hafezi Moghadas
  • Geology, Mineralogy and geochemistry of the Chomalu polymetallic epithermal deposit, NW Zanjan
    Mahya Nazarian *, Mohammad Lotfi, Majid Ghasemi Siani
  • Study of alteration, mineralization and fluid inclusions of the Khoynaroud Cu-Au deposit, north of Varzaghan, East Azarbaidjan province, NW Iran
    Ghahraman Sohrabi *, Fatemeh Hassani Soughi, Zahra Hassani Soughi
  • Mineralogy of the Lower Oligocene alkali basalts and their sillimanitite xenoliths (SW of Jandaq, Isfahan Province, Central Iran)
    Ghodrat Torabi *, Hanan Salim, Nargess Shirdashtzadeh
  • Magnetite Chemistry: Evidence of Skarn Fe Mineralization in the Ahangaran Range, Eastern Iran
    *, ,
  • Consideration of mineralogy, fluid inclusions and type of Pb-Zn-Ba mineralization of the Neyzar deposit, Tabas-Poshte Badam metallogenic belt, east of Iran
    Sargol Rahimi, Ali Avedini *, Farhang Aliyari, Ali Asghar Calagari
  • Synthesis and crystal structure of core-shell supramolecular compound of polyoxyvanadate nanoclusters
    Faezeh Moghzi *, Farnam Zamani Foroushani, Janet Soleimannejad
  • Synthesis of BiFe1-yCuyO3 multiferroic nanostructure by a sol-gel method and investigating of their structural, magnetic, and dielectric properties
    Seyed Ebrahim Mousavi Ghahfarokhi *, Adel Maryam
  • Petrography, mineralogy and geochemistry studies of volcanic rocks in Gorazi area, southwest Khuf, Razavi Khorasan province
    *, ,
  • Investigation of mineralogical, textural and geochemical properties in Amir Abad copper prospect area, Northwest of Neyshabur
    Fahimeh Rahmani, Azadeh Malekzadeh Shafaroudi *, Maryam Javidi Moghaddam
  • Petrology and Mineral Chemistry of peridotites of the Faryab Ophiolitic Complex, Golashkard region-southeast of Sanandaj-Sirjan zone
    *, , ,
  • Geology, mineralization, geochemistry and fluid inclusion studies in Kimia copper mineralization, northwest of Bardeskan, Razavi Khorasan province
    Azadeh Malekzadeh Shafaroudi *, Hamed Amini Zahan, Mohammad Hassan Karimpour
  • Mineral chemistry and Chlorite thermometry of late dykes in Sungun Cu-Mo deposit, North West of Iran
    Amin Allah Kamali *, Mohsen Moayyed, Mohammad Fadaeian
  • Basaltic magmatism from Halab- Nobaran area: an example of Late Cretaceous magmatic activity in the Urumia-Dokhtar magmatic arc.
    mohsen Mortazavi ravari *, Fariba Jamshidi, Abbas Asiabanha
  • Petrology, mineral chemistry and geothermobarometry of the Garmkhani-Meyham metamorphic complex (Qorveh-Kurdistan)
    *, ,
  • Petrography, mineral chemistry and geothermobarometry of amphibolits in Gol-e-Gohar area (Sirjan), Kerman province
  • Publication Information

    • Publisher: Iranian Socity of Crystallography and Mineralogy
    • Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Nasser Tajabor
    • Director-in-Charge: Dr. Nasser Tajabor
    • ♦ Dr. N. Tajabor
    • ♦ Dr. M. Zargar Shoushtari
    • ♦ Dr. M.A. Zanjanchi
    • ♦ Dr. J. Soleimannejad
    • ♦ Dr. M. Homam
    • ♦ Dr. H. Eshghi
    • ♦ Dr. H. Ghasemi
    • ♦ Dr. A. Kananian
    • ♦ Dr. A.M. Kohsary
    • ♦ Dr. M. Moazzen
    • Current Issue: 2023، Volume 31، Number 1
    • Print ISSN: 1726-3689
    • Online ISSN: 2588-4719

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