List of unpublished and accepted articles

XML Synthesis and characterization of structural and optical properties of Dysprosium stannate (Dy2Sn2O7) nanocrystals with pyrochlore phase by hydrothermal method - Accepted in 2021/05/15
Gh. Sedaghati-Jamal Abad Mr., M. M. Bagheri-Mohagheghi Dr. *
XML Micro thermometry of fluid inclusions on siliceous veins in Ramand area, south of Qazvin, Iran - Accepted in 2021/04/5
Akeem tomiwa Lawal Mr. *, Mohammad Yazdi Professor, Mehrdad Behzadi Professor, Seyedreza Mehrniya Professor, Saeed Abbaszadeh Mr.
XML Geochemistry and petrogenesis of potassic monzonites in the Lar igneous suite, north of Zahedan, eastern Iran: Constraints on the origin of C-type adakites - Accepted in 2021/04/21
Sasan Ghafaribijar *, Mohsen Arvin, Sara Dargahi
XML Geothermobarometry of Sahneh, Harsin-Nourabad ultramafic rocks (NE-Kermanshah) - Accepted in 2021/04/21
Ali Moradpour *, Reza Zareii sahamieh, Ahmad Ahmadi Khalaji, Ramin Sarikhani, Mohamad Reza Emami Meybodi
XML Thermobarometry and Chemistry of Garnet and Pyroxene minerals of Oshvand skarn deposit, Nahavand, West Iran - Accepted in 2021/05/1
Mehrdad Movahedi Dr. *, Mohammad Yazdi Dr., Mehrdad Behzadi Dr.
XML Thermobarometry and origin of andesitic lavas in Zoolesk area based on mineral chemistry (northeast of Sarbisheh, east of Iran) - Accepted in 2021/01/26
Seyyed Saeid Mohammadi *, Sun-Lin Chung, Malihe Nakhaei, Mohammad Hossein Zarrinkoub
XML Study of Structural, Optical and Electrical Properties of MA(FA)SnICl2 Perovskite Thin Films Synthesized by One-Step Spin Coating - Accepted in 2021/01/31
Morteza Izadifard Dr *, Alemeh Asadpour Miss, Mohammad Ebrahim Ghazi Dr, Farzaneh Arabpour Dr
XML Evolution microstructures recorded in minerals during cooling of Zarrin intrusion, Evidence for dynamic deformation - Accepted in 2021/02/24
Nasim Askari Mrs, Reza Zarei Sahamieh Dr *, Jafar Omrani Dr, Mohammad Hashem Emami Dr
XML Mineralogy and trace elements geochemistry of the Roud Majan kaolin deposit, northwest of Torbat-e Heydarieh, NE Iran - Accepted in 2021/01/26
Ali Akbar Ahmadi, Ali Abedini *, Sasan Bagheri, Ali Asghar Calagari
XML petrography, total rock chemistry and study of formation condition of amphibolites in East Salmas, Northwest of Iran - Accepted in 2021/02/24
Robab Hajialioghli *, Mohsen Moazzen, Sorayyasadat Saeidi
XML Mineralogy, alteration, geochemistry, and fluid inclusion studies of the Balazard Cu-Au prospect, southwest of Nehbandan - Accepted in 2021/02/13
Alireza Almasi Dr. *, Roohollah Miri Beydokhti Dr., Mohammad Hassan Karimpour Dr., Seyed Ahmad Mazaheri Dr.
XML Mineral chemistry studies of dunites in the Abgarm region (south of Kerman province): An approach to tectonomagmatic position. - Accepted in 2021/01/13
Raziyeh Alipour Mrs *, Hesam Moeinzadeh Mr, Hamid Ahmadipour Mr
XML Study of structural, optical, and sensory ethanol properties of tin oxide nanoparticles synthesized by microwave method - Accepted in 2021/01/3
Nahid Esfandiyari, Mohammad Reza Fadavieslam *, Zohre Chamanzadeh
XML Investigation effect of vanadium on the structure properties and magnetic of Bismuth garnet particles - Accepted in 2021/01/3
XML Geothermobarometery and mineral chemistry studies of Dacite and Trachydacite of Masahim volcano south and east in Shahr-e-Babak north - Accepted in 2021/01/13
XML Investigation of paleosol in Shurigeh Formation; Example of Ghorghoreh section in the Eastern of the Kopet- Dagh sedimentary basin. - Accepted in 2021/01/13
Mahnaz Keshmiri, Mohammad Hossein Mahmudy Gharaie *, Reza Moussavi- Harami, Asadolah Mahboubi
XML Study of Structural, Optical and Electrical properties of ZnO/CuO nanocomposites - Accepted in 2020/12/7
Morteza Izadifard Dr *, Mohammad Ebrahim Ghazi Dr, Mona Mehrabni Mss
XML Petrology, geochemistry and minearal chemistry of volcanic rocks in the north of Kaboudarahang (Hamedan) - Accepted in 2020/12/1
Tahere Nazari N, Zahra Tahmasbi T *, Ahmad Ahmadi Khalaji A
XML Investigation of mineralogical, textural and geochemical properties in Lead-zinc prospect area of Kalatepiale, northeastern Esfarayen - Accepted in 2021/01/13
Milad Farahmand Student, Azadeh Malekzadeh Shafaroudi Dr *, Maryam Javidi Moghaddam Dr
XML Mineralogy and the lanthanide elements geochemistry of the Baharieh kaolin deposit, east Kashmar, NE Iran - Accepted in 2020/11/17
Ali Ahmadi, Ali Abedini *, Sasan Bagheri, Ali Asghar Calagari
XML Investigation of field evidence, petrography and mineral chemistry of the Fe-Ti oxides rich layered intrusions in NW Urmia Lake - Accepted in 2020/11/17
Manijeh Asadpour *, Soraya Heuss-Aßbichler
XML Petrology and source of Plio-Quaternary volcanic rocks in southwest of Nir, South of Yazd - Accepted in 2020/12/5
XML Investigation of mineral chemistry and causes of Tourmaline formation in Biotite amphibolits of Gol-e-Gohar mining and industrial area (Sirjan), Kerman province. - Accepted in 2020/12/7
XML Geochemistry and determination of tectonomagmatic location of rocks in North Azerbaijan, Oshnoye, West Azerbaijan - Accepted in 2021/01/3
XML Mineralogy and geochemistry of the Hajiabad manganese deposit, Hormozgan province - Accepted in 2020/11/10
Soqra Rasti Mrs *, Ali Rostami Mr, Payam Tavakoli Mr
XML کانی‌شناسی، خواص فیزیکو شیمیایی و تست‌های صنعتی کانسار کائولن آرازگونی جهت مصارف در صنعت کاشی و سرامیک - Accepted in 2021/01/30
XML Mineralogy, geochemistry and genesis of Qara Sabalan manganese deposit, north of Meshginshahr (Ardabil Province) - Accepted in 2020/11/10
Kamal Siahcheshm *, Solmaz Jafarsadeghi Pournaki
XML The role of feldspar crystals zoning in interpreting the magmatic evolution of the Goushe granitoid Pluton (SE of Boroujerd) - Accepted in 2020/11/17
Seyedeh Asma Mousavi M, Zahra Tahmasbi T *, Fatemeh Sarjoughian S, Ahmad Ahmadi Khalaji A, Masoumeh Zare Shooli Z
XML بررسی تاثیر افزایش کرندوم بر خواص مکانیکی دیرگدازهای سیلیکون کاربیدی - Accepted in 2020/10/20
Behzad Mehdikhani Dr. *, Behzad Saeedi Razavi Dr.
XML Magma and mineralization controles of Zavarian (Salafchegan) epithermal Au (Cu) in comparison with Sari-Gunay epitermal Au (Qorveh) deposit - Accepted in 2021/01/31
Tahmineh Hasanzadeh, Seyed Mehran Heidari *, Jalil Ghalmaghash, Aida Mohebi
XML Temperature condition, source of bismuth and mechanism of Au-scavenging by Bi phases in the Atash-Anbar gold deposit (south Qazvin) - Accepted in 2021/01/26
XML Thermobarometry and Mineral Chemistry of Central Iran Permotriassic Lamprophyres in Chahrisseh Region, Northeast of Isfahan - Accepted in 2020/12/9
Sara Veysi, Mohsen Tabatabaei manesh Seyed *
XML Synthesis and study of structural and morphological properties of MoS2/Ag2S nanocomposites and investigating its photocatalytic properties - Accepted in 2020/11/30
XML Petrology, Geochemistry and Origin of Hesaruiyeh Granitoid, Eest of Zahedan, Southeast Iran - Accepted in 2020/09/12
Habib Biabangard *, Mina Sotvan
XML Mineralogy, geochemistry and fluid inclusion investigations in the Agh-Darreh copper deposit, Tarom area, NW Iran - Accepted in 2020/08/17
Siyamack Sanedoust *, Samad Alipour, Mehdi Hosseini
XML Use of calcite crystal optical properties in the identification of calcareous nannofossils and Didemnium Ascidian Spicules in three stratigraphic sections in the of Lut block - Accepted in 2020/09/2
Farah Jalili *, Marziyeh Notghi Moghaddam
XML New and Rare Sulfosalt Minerals Occurrence in the Barika Deposit, East of Sardasht - Accepted in 2021/03/4
Hossein Ali Tajeddin Dr *, Ebrahim Rastad Dr
XML On the use of major and trace elements composition of pyroxene and amphibole in the genesis of Boroujerd quartz-diorite - Accepted in 2020/10/13
Amir Esna-Ashari Dr. *, Massimo Tiepolo Prof., Ghasem Ghorbani Dr.
XML Gold-sulfide mineralization and microthermometry in quartz veins/veinlets in the Gharehchay area, south of Tikmehdash, East-Azarbaidjan province - Accepted in 2020/08/16
Zahra Hassani Soughi *, Ali Asghar Calagari, Ghahraman Sohrabi
XML Mineral composition and Geothermobarometry of Mata basaltic rocks(South Kerman): an indicator of magma type and tectonic setting - Accepted in 2020/10/13
Zahra Badrzadeh Dr *
XML The effect of Doping Graphene Quantum Dots with K, B, N, and Cl on its emitted spectrum - Accepted in 2020/10/13
Amin Kazemi, Mohammad Reza Fadavieslam *, Gholamreza Yazdi
XML Mineral chemistry of sulfide and sulfosalt minerals in the Cheshmeh-Noghreh barite (gold- silver) deposit, Sabzevar subzone, NE Kashmar - Accepted in 2021/03/4
Esmaiel Qafuri Sedehi Mr, Hossein Ali Tajeddin Dr *, Ebrahim Rastad Dr, Pouria Mahmoodi Dr
XML Geothermobarometry of acidic rocks of Dehsard area (Southwest of Kerman province): Constraint on using mineral chemistry of amphibole to determine characteristics of parental magma - Accepted in 2020/07/7
Mehdi Ebrahim nejad Mr *, Mohsen Arvin Dr, Sara Dargahi Dr
XML Mineralogy and comparison of tourmaline chemistry in quartz-tourmaline veins with granitoid host and metapelitic rocks in the Shah-Kuh district (E Iran): An Approach to Tin Mineralization Potential - Accepted in 2020/10/13
Majid Ghasemi Siani Dr *, Hamed Ebrahimi Fard Mr, Behrouz Karimi Shahraki Dr
XML Petrology, geochemistry and origion of Garagheh Granite, North west of Zahadan - Accepted in 2020/08/2
Habib Biabangard *, Mohammad Boomeri, Havva Frasalmirbaluchzahe
XML Comparative study of mineralogy and geochemistry of altered felsic rocks in Yazd province - Accepted in 2020/07/7
Mahnaz Khodami *, Gholamreza Tajbakhsh
XML Elemental paragenesis and determination of erosion surface position relative to mineralization surface based on supra- ore and sub-ore elemental halos in the Gowdal copper skarn, north of Ahar, East- Azarbaidjan, NW Iran - Accepted in 2020/08/19
Bahaedin Nakhjavani *, Ali Asghar Calagari, Ghafour Alavi Seyed, Kamal Siahcheshm
XML Study of ore mineralization of polymetallic veins of the Qarah Changal area, northwest of Qazvin - Accepted in 2020/07/26
Hossein Ghorbani *, Ali Abedini, Samad Alipour
XML Petrology and mineral chemistery in the Calc-silicates of the Deh-salm metamorphic complex, East of Lut block: evidence of progressive metamorphism to the granulite facies - Accepted in 2020/07/1
XML Mineral Chemistry and Thermobarometry of East Salmas metamorphic Complex, Northwestern Iran - Accepted in 2020/09/7
Sorayyasadat Saeidi, Robab Hajialioghli, Mohsen Moazzen *
XML Investigation of mineralization, alteration, and fluid inclusions of the Takht-e-Gonbad copper deposit (northeast of Sirjan, SE Iran) - Accepted in 2020/06/6
Mohammad Salehi Tinnoni Dr, Ali Abedini Prof *, Ali Asghar Calagari Prof.
XML Petrography, geochemistry and tectonic setting of the Gharabolagh intrusive mass in North Hashtrud, East Azarbaijan - Accepted in 2020/06/10
Marzieh Rezaeiaghdam *, Ahmad Jahangiri, Mohsen Moayyed, Ghahraman Sohrabi
XML Determination of mineralogy, whole rock and study of formation of eastern gneisses of Salmas (west of Urmia lake), NW Iran - Accepted in 2020/06/10
Sorayyasadat Saeidi, Robab Hajialioghli, Mohsen Moazzen *
XML Mineral chemistry and origin of chromium in uvarovite bearing garnets from Baba-Nazar (NE Takab) - Accepted in 2020/05/21
Ziba Khodaean Chegeni Mrs, Nematollah Rashidnejad Omran Dr, Ali Akbar Baharifar Dr, Carmela Vaccaro Professor, Aida Maria Conte Professor *
XML Petrology and geochemistry of amphibolites from north west of Salmas, NW Iran - Accepted in 2020/09/12
Sahar Pashapour Ms, Masoumeh Ahangari Dr *, Manijeh Asadpour Dr
XML Investigation of the role of fractional crystallization, crustal assimilation and magma mixing in turquoise hosted sub-volcanic intrusion rocks in Damghan mine. South of Damghan, Iran. - Accepted in 2020/10/20
Amir Emamjomeh Mr, Ahmad Jahangiri Prof *, Mohssen Moazzen Prof
XML Synthesis of BiVO4 nanoparticles by the co-precipitation method and study the crystal structure, optical and photocatalytic properties of them - Accepted in 2020/04/28
Morteza Zargar Shoushtari *, Nasrin Ghazkoob, Iraj Kazeminezhad, Seyed Mohammad Lari Baghal
XML Mineralogical, alteration and fluid inclusion studies of the mineralization index at Yeylaghe Gharachi, northwest of Ahar, NW Iran - Accepted in 2020/07/11
Razgar Faramarzi *, Samad Alipour, Fazel Khaleghi, Ali Abedini
XML Petrography, whole-rock geochemistry and mineral Chemistry of clinipyroxene and amphibole in basic alkaline igneous rocks of Shemshak formation, S Azadshahr, Eastern Alborz - Accepted in 2020/07/7
Shirin Shahabi Mrs *, Habibollah Ghasemi PROFESSOR, Mehdi Rezai Kahkhai Doctor, Zhai Minggou PROFESSOR
XML The mineral chemistry and geothermobarometry of gabbroic rocks crystallization of Dehsard area (Southeast of Iran) - Accepted in 2020/05/2
Mehdi Ebrahim nejad Mr *, Mohsen Arvin Dr, Sara Dargahi Dr
XML Petrological and geochemical study of trace and rare earth elements in the Miardan Gold mineralization, Bostanabad, East Azarbaidjan province - Accepted in 2020/04/28
Fatemeh Jahangiryar *, Samad Alipour, Vartan Simmonds, Alexander Towalcherlidzeh
XML Intermediate sulfidation epithermal Cu±Au deposit of Rasht‌‌ Abad (North of Zanjan): evidence of mineralization, fluid inclusions and C-O stable isotope - Accepted in 2020/07/26
Nayer Ajalli, Ashraf Torkian *, Ebrahim Tale Fazel
XML Geochemistry and geological setting of turquoise hosted intrusive bodies in Damghan (Baghou) turquoise-gold mine, Torud- Chah Shirin volcano-plutonic segment. - Accepted in 2020/05/21
Amir Emamjomeh Mr *, Ahmad Jahangiri Prof., Mohssen Moazzen Prof.
XML Mineral chemistry and thermobarometry of Kurdistan ophiolitic peridotites, Zagros, western Iran - Accepted in 2020/04/5
Azad Karimi, Abdolreza Partabian
XML Study on the effect of L-Alanine concentration as capping agent on size, structural quality and morphology of KTiOPO4 nanoparticles synthesized by Co-precipitation method - Accepted in 2020/05/18
Elaheh Gharibshahian Dr *, Majid Jafar Tafreshi Dr
XML Crystal size and shape distributions plagioclase and determining of crystal residence time in the Chah-Musa intrusion (South Shahrood) - Accepted in 2020/11/17
Maryam Sheibi Dr *
XML Mineralogy and trace elements geochemistry of argillic alteration zone: the Zamin Hossein district, Kerman Province, SE Iran - Accepted in 2020/04/5
Ali Avedini *, Mohammad Khaleghi, Hojjatolah Ranjbar, Ali Asghar Calagari
XML Chemical compositions and optical characters of sodic–calcic and calcic amphiboles from basic schists of Shahneshin area, southwest of Zanjan - Accepted in 2020/05/21
Sadegh Derakhsh, Javad Izadyar *, Abolfazl Pouromidi, Ali Hajabolfath, Mahsa Tahmasebi
XML Geochemistry and petrology of gabbrodiorites of Palang Dar Area (Northeast Damghan) - Accepted in 2020/05/21
XML Evidences of epithermal mineralization at Bidook gold vein deposit (east of Iran), based on geology, alteration, mineralization, geochemistry and thermometery data. - Accepted in 2020/03/10
Sedigheh Zirjanizadeh, Somayeh Samiee *
XML Petrological, studies of felsic and mafic igneous rocks of Tarazoj-Soushab tectonic window (NE Hashjin-NW Iran) - Accepted in 2020/03/15
Alireza Ravankhah *, Mohsen Moayyed, Gholamreza Ahmadzadeh
XML Mineralogy and the lanthanide elements geochemistry of the Shtorkhosb kaolin deposit, southeast of Torbat- e- Heydarieh , NE Iran - Published in 2020/02/2
Ali Abedini *, Ali Akbar Ahmadi, Sasan Bagheri, Ali Asghar Calagari
XML Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Tourmalines in Malmir Area (East of Doroud- Iran) - Published in 2020/01/18
SeyedVahid Shahrokhi *
XML Investigate of melt distribution reactions, thermomety-Barometry and minerals chemistry of amphibols and plagioclase leucosome, melanosome and mesosome in Takab Hornblend bearing migmatites, northwestern Iran - Published in 2020/02/2
Haleh Ghorbani Ms *
XML Sb-As vein mineralization of Kuh-e-Shuru area, Southern Ferdows: Evidence of alteration, mineralogy, geochemistry and fluid inclusion study - Published in 2020/02/12
Azadeh Malekzadeh Shafaroudi Dr *, Mohammad Hassan Karimpour Dr, Maryam Javidi Moghaddam Dr
XML Nature and Physicochemical conditions of mineral crystallization in the Eocene trachy-andesitic dykes in southwest of Jandaq (NE of Isfahan province) - Accepted in 2021/02/13
Ahmad Jamshidzaei, Ghodrat Torabi *
XML Detection of zinc-lead mineralization and associated alteration in Mehdiabad deposit, Yazd province, using ASTER and Landsat 8-OLI satellite images - Accepted in 2020/02/1
Zahra Bonyadi Dr *
XML Geochemical Study of Trace and Rare Elements and Condittion of Formation of Barite and Galena in Afsoo Area (South West Torbatjam - North East of Iran) - Accepted in 2020/04/28
Mohammad Azimi, Saeid Saadat *, Alireza Mazlomi
XML Petrography and geochemistry of carbonate hosted-rock in the Karavangah and Dehno Pb-Zn mines at the north of Kuhbanan, Kerman - Accepted in 2019/12/24
XML Synthesis and investigation of structural, optical, and photocatalytic properties of BiFeO3/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites - Accepted in 2020/01/1
Ahmad Gholizadeh Dr. *
XML Study of vein-type Cu±Au mineralization in Sangan mineral occurrence (southeastern Torbat-e-Heydarieh), Based on mineralogy, geochemistry and fluid inclusion - Accepted in 2020/03/15
XML Evidence of hydrothermal barite in Mashkan area, northeastern Sabzevar: mineralogy, geochemistry, and fluid inclusion - Accepted in 2020/02/1
XML Mineral chemistry and petrogenesis of the Amphibolites of Geysour metamorphic complex, east of Gonabad - Accepted in 2019/12/24
P Abdolsamad Pourmohammad P, Ahmad Ahmadi Khalaji A *, Masoud Homam H, Mohammad Ebrahimi E, Rasoul Esmaeili E
XML Geology, mineralization, geochemistry and fluid inclusion studies of Mashkan copper prospect area, northeastern Sabzevar - Accepted in 2020/02/19
XML Mineralogy and geochemistry of the Avin kaolin deposit, northeast of Mianeh, East-Azarbaidjan Province, NW Iran - Accepted in 2020/01/14
Ali Abedini *, Vahideh Alipour, Samad Alipour
XML Geochemistry and clinopyroxene mineral chemistry of basalts in the Gasht-Masuleh area, Alborz Mountains - Accepted in 2019/12/23
Leila Rezaei, Mohssen Moazzen *, Martin J. Timmerman
XML Investigation of the effect of amino-alcohol stabilizers on Crystal structure, band gap and blue luminescence of Cu-doped ZnO nanoparticles prepared by sol-gel method - Accepted in 2020/02/15
Abolfazl Parvan, Jamal Mazloom *, Farhad Esmaeili Ghodsi, Morteza Safari
XML Geology, alteration, mineralogy and geochemistry of Cheshmeh Zagh Cu±Au occurrence, Khorasan Razavi province: probably evidence of volcanic massive sulfide mineralization - Accepted in 2019/11/4
XML Investigation of Structural and Optical Properties of CH3NH3SnI3 Perovskite Layers Synthesized by One-Step Thermal Evaporation Technique - Accepted in 2020/03/15
Alemeh Asadpour Arzefooni Miss *, Morteza Izadifard Dr, Mohammad E. Ghazi Dr
XML Mineral chemistry and geothermobarometry of the metapelites of Geysour metamorphic complex, east of Gonabad - Accepted in 2019/11/4
Abdolsamad Pourmohammad P, Ahmad Ahmadi Khalaji A *, Masoud Homam H, Mohammad Ebrahimi A, Rasoul Esmaeili E
XML Synthesis, characterization and crystal structure determination of new coordination polymer of zinc(II) containing N-(4-pyridyl)isonocotinamide ligand - Accepted in 2020/04/5
Arghavan‎ Abolghasempour‎ Seyede, Alireza Salimi Dr. *, Ali Nakhaei Pour Dr.
XML Biological weathering of sepiolite clay mineral as affected by the activity of an earthworm species(Eisenia foetida) - Accepted in 2020/01/22
XML Mineral chemistry of clinopyroxenes of basalts from south-west of Khoy, NW Iran: determination of tectonic environment and formation conditions of basaltic rocks - Accepted in 2019/10/13
Arezoo Cheraghi Ms, Masoumeh Ahangari Dr. *, Manijeh Asadpour Dr
XML Synthesis, characterization and crystal structure of a new azo-Schiff base "ethyl 2-((E)-(4-((E)-(4-ethylphenyl)diazenyl)-2-hydroxybenzylidene)amino)-4,5,6,7-tetrahydrobenzo[b]thiophene-3-carboxylate" - Accepted in 2020/01/1
Saeid Menati Dr *, Fatemeh Mir, Behrouz Notash Dr
XML Recognation and separation of high purity calcite mineral regions in carbonate units using Aster multispectral data and Sentinel 2 (case study northwest of Shahrekord) - Accepted in 2019/11/27
Atefeh Bozorgmehr Miss *, Esmail Moradian Mr, Hamidreza Reyahi Bakhtiari Mr, Alireza Davoudian Dehkordi Mr, Mohsen Karimi Dehkordi Mr, Nahid Shabanian Boroujeni Mrs
XML Petrography and geochemistry magmatic rocks in north of Kalate Shab area (East of Sarbisheh), Eastern Iran - Accepted in 2020/01/22
Fatemeh Yari Ms *
XML سنگ شناسی، ژئوشیمی و پتروژنز مجموعه آذرین ملک سیاه کوه (شمال زاهدان)، با نگرشی بر جایگاه تکتونوماگمایی منطقه - Accepted in 2019/12/2
XML Geochemistry of Rare Earth Element in garnet group minerals in some regional metamorphic complexes - Central Iran Micro-Continent (CIMC) - Accepted in 2019/10/1
Gholamreza Tajbakhsh *, Mohammad Ali Moosavizadeh Seyed
XML Geology, ore mineralization and geochemistry of Sorkheh sedimentary copper occurrence, northwest of Marand, NW Iran - Accepted in 2020/01/22
Esmaeel Khan chuban *, Ali Abedini, Farhang Aliyari, Ali Asghar Calagari, Farid Morrovvat Azad
XML Investigation of Amphibole mineral fertilization in determining the conditions for the formation of granitoid masses in northern Sarduieh (Dasht Shaghinand Dasht Sartashtak) - Accepted in 2020/02/10
XML Mineral Chemistry and metamorphic evolution of the Late Neoproterozoic metabasites of Do-Chah metamorphic - igneous complex (SE Shahrood) - Accepted in 2019/10/1
Mozhgan Rezaie *, Mahmoud Sadeghian, Habibollah Ghasmi, Papadopoulou Lambrini
XML Investigation of chemistry and the style of formation of calc-silicate minerals in Aghbolagh skarn zone, north of Oshnavieh, West-Azarbaidjan province, NW Iran - Accepted in 2019/11/27
XML The study of changing Rare Earth and Trace Elements to determine the origin of Borujerd migmatites - Accepted in 2019/10/1
Masoumeh Zare-Shooli Z, Zahra Tahmasbi T *, Adel Saki S, Ahmad Ahmadi Khalaji A
XML Mineralogy and REE geochemistry of argillic alteration zone of the Asbkhan area in northwest of Heris, NW Iran - Accepted in 2019/09/3
Ali Abedini *, Adel Afkhami Nahand, Samad Alipour, Leila Zakeri
XML Effect of whole rock chemistry on the crystal size distribution of garnet in metapelites, comparison of Shahindezh schist with Dorbeh hornfelses - Accepted in 2019/09/17
Monir Modjarrad Dr. *
XML Study of Petrology and Geochemistry of west Aghda Dikes (Yazd) by Using Minerals Chemistry - Accepted in 2019/10/1
XML Origin and magmatic evolution of the alkaline extrusive rocks of Neogene from Nehbandan-Assagie region, eastern Iran - Accepted in 2019/09/3
XML Type of mineralization and studies of fluid inclusions of the Bolboli2 copper ore deposit, northeast of Sirjan, SE Iran - Accepted in 2019/09/22
Ali Abedini *, Mohammad Salehi Tinoni, Ali Asghar Calagari
XML Characteristics of tectono-magmatic alkali gabbros in northern FathAbad, Zarand (NW Kerman): based on the pyroxene mineral chemistry - Accepted in 2019/09/22
XML Geochemical and fluid inclusion studies of Kalchuyeh Cu-Au epithermal mineralization in the central part of the Urumieh-Dokhtar magmatic arc - Accepted in 2019/09/1
Mona Sameti, Hassan Zamanian *, Hooshang Asadi Harooni
XML پتروگرافی، کانی شناسی و ژئوشیمی شیلهای کوه کمر در برش روم (جنوب قائن)، کاربرد در تعیین خاستگاه و جایگاه زمین ساختی - Accepted in 2019/11/4
XML Characteristics of the ore- bearing quartz veins using study of fluid inclusions, Andarian, NW Iran - Accepted in 2019/08/7
Elahe Namnabat *, Mansour Ghorbani, Seyed Hassan Tabatabaei
XML Geothermobarometry and petrogenesis of Chahar dahane peridotites, West margin of Makran zone, Hormozgan province, Iran - Accepted in 2019/07/15
Arash Khiabani moghadam, Mohammad Poosti *, Gholamreza Ghadami
XML The Malayer plutoniccomplex: field geology, petrography and geochemical interpretation - Accepted in 2019/05/19
Hadi Yeganehfar *, Vahid Ahadnejad, Reza Deevsalar
XML Zincian dolomite, Pb-Zn mineralization, Bahramtaj, Yazd, Central Iran - Accepted in 2019/10/1
Kazem Gholizadeh Mr *, Iraj Rasa Dr, Mohammad Yazdi, Maria Boni Dr
XML Minerals chemistry and geothermobarometry of Dourbeh and Nari intusive bodies of W Urumieyeh, NW Iran - Accepted in 2020/01/1
Ghasem Ghorbani *, Hadi Shafaii Moghadam, Jamaloddin Khatibi
XML Mineral Chemistry and Thermobarometry of the Late Neoproterozoic metabasites from Do-Chah metamorphic-igneous complex (SE Shahrood) - Accepted in 2019/08/18
Mozhgan Rezaie *, Mahmoud Sadeghian Professor, Habibollah Ghasemi Professor, Papadopoulou Lambrini Professor
XML Investigation of mineralogical and microstructural changes of Chah Zard granites (East Jandagh) during mylonitization by using anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility method (AMS) - Accepted in 2019/08/7
XML Geochemistry, mineralization and alteration of porphyry copper in the Grouh area, Sardouya (Kerman province) with a view to the lack of supergene zone - Accepted in 2019/11/4
Seyedeh Narges Sadati *, Mohammad Jalali Khalil Abadi, Mohammad Yazdi, Aida Mohebi
XML Geology, mineralogy, and geochemistry of Mashkan barite deposit, north eastern Sabzevar, Khorasan Razavi province - Accepted in 2019/08/25
XML Petrology of the igneous rocks in the West and southwest of Razan, Hamedan province - Accepted in 2019/11/4
Maryam Ghobadnam, Hossein Shahbazi *
XML Studies of geological, mineralization and magnetite exploration geophysics in Senjedak-III area, the eastern anomaly of Sangan mine (Khorasan Razavi) - Accepted in 2019/06/19
Mostafa Ansari, Abbas Etemadi *, Hamid Hafezi Moghaddas, Mohammad Reza Heydarian Shahri
XML Petrography, mineral chemistry and thermobarometry of amphibolites from the Allahyarlu metamorphic complex - Ardebil, NW Iran - Accepted in 2019/07/15
Zohreh Salimi Ms *, Mohssen Moazzen Mr, Robab Hajialioghli Mrs
XML Structural and electrical properties of In-doped vanadium oxide thin films prepared by spray pyrolysis - Accepted in 2019/10/1
Raheleh Pilevar Shahri Dr., Sonia Shafei Miss, Shekoofeh Tabatabai Yazdi Dr. *
XML Mineral chemistry and Geothermometry of chlorite in Zavarijan area (NE Broujerd-Iran) - Accepted in 2019/06/11
Seyed Vahid Shahrokhi *, Daryoush Kordi-Sykan
XML Geothermometry of Dardvay anomaly skarn zones, Sangan mining area - Accepted in 2019/06/11
Majid Ghasemi Siani Dr *, Behzad Mehrabi Proff
XML Petrology and Geochemistry of Gabbro part of Samsour Ophiolite, South East of Iran - Accepted in 2019/05/14
Habib Biabangard *, Sasan Baghari, Jalilahmad Karimzaie
XML Petrography and geochemistry of the Kahrizbayg intrusion, southwest of Zanjan - Accepted in 2019/06/11
Mohammad Ebrahimi *, Fatemeh Emadi, Abbas Asiabanha
XML The occurrence of newly formed minerals in acidic environment and dry-arid climate, case study: low-grade dump of Miduk copper mine - Accepted in 2019/06/12
Majid Shahhosseini, Faramarz Doulati Ardejani *, Mehdi Amini, Luna Ebrahimi
XML Synthesis and crystal structure compound Adeninium Bis(pyridine-2,6-dicarboxylate) Chromate(III) pyridine-2,6-dicarboxylic acid tetra hydrate - Accepted in 2019/04/7
Makan Etefagh, Janet Soleimannejad *, Sima Sedghiniya, Claudia Graiff
XML Introducing and investigating structural and magnetic properties of ribbons Co68.5-xFe4WxSi16.5B11 (x = 0.8, 2) in amorphous and crystalline states - Accepted in 2019/03/4
Ahmad Amirabadizadeh Dr *, Moazameh Hassanzadeh PHD student, Reza Sarhaddi Dr, Mohammad reza Rasouli Dr
XML Optical characteristics and mineral chemistry of colored fluorites from the mines of Mazandaran Province, and causes of their coloration - Accepted in 2019/05/14
Abdolhalim Makhtoomi Mr., Behnam Shafieibafti Mr. *, Rahim Lotfi Orimi Mr.
XML Talkhabvand barite mine, eastern Bajestan, Khorasan Razavi province: Mineralogy, REE geochemistry and fluids inclusion studies - Accepted in 2019/03/4
Javad Maasoumi, Azadeh Malekzadeh Shafaroudi *, Sedigeh Zirjanizadeh
XML Petrology, geochemistry and origion of Rigmalak granite, Southeast of Zahedan - Accepted in 2019/01/27
Habib Biabangard *, Sodabe Rigie, Hamidreza Soloke
XML Chemical-textural relations of apatite-monazite-xenotime in the Lakeh-Siah iron-apatite deposit (Northeastern Bafq): evidences for a hydrothermal system development - Accepted in 2019/04/14
Mehrdad Barati Dr *, Meisam Gholipoor, Ebrahim Tale fazel Dr, Vratislav Hurai
XML Petrogenesis and tectonic setting of the basic volcanic rocks from east of Qazvin, Central Alborz - Accepted in 2019/01/27
Bahman Rahimzadeh, Mohammad Ebrahimi *, Ayoub Veisinia
XML The study of petrography and mineral chemistry in aplite-pegmatites from Simin valley (south of Hamedan) - Accepted in 2019/04/14
Ali Asghar Sepahi Gerow Dr. *, Sedigheh Salami Dr., Mohammad Maanijou Dr.
XML Petrography, geochemistry and determination of temperature and pressure of crystallization of pyroxene and plagioclase minerals in diabasic and lamprophyre dykes of Jupar block (south of Kerman) - Accepted in 2018/12/22
Farzaneh Arzhangnezhad Miss, Gholamreza Ghadami Dr *, Abbas Moradian Dr, Mohammad Poosti Dr
XML Study of mineralogy, geochemistry and elemental behavior in the process of bentonites formation in Sarbisheh area (Southern Khorasan, east of Iran) - Accepted in 2019/01/13
Malihe Nakhaei Dr. *, Seyyed Saeid Mohammadi
XML Experimental investigation on synthesis of merlinoite and gismondine zeolites by lithum alkaline solution under hydrothermal condition - Accepted in 2019/10/1
Ali Kananian Mr *, Sara Poladiyan Miss, Ali reza Badiei Mr
XML Petrology, geochemistry and mineral chemistry of Shahrak intrusive body (East of Takab, Northwest of Iran) - Accepted in 2019/01/9
XML The effect of Ga-doping on the structural and optical properties of ZnO thin films prepared by spray pyrolysis - Accepted in 2019/01/12
Samaneh Pakniat Mrs
XML Crystal size and shape distribution of Plagioclase in the Basaltic Andesites, North of Gavkhouni - Accepted in 2018/12/2
Mahnaz Khodami *, Behnaz Bakhtiari
XML Mineralogical and Rheological Characterization of Bentonites in Momenabad Area, Eastern Iran Bentonite Zone, to be Used in Drilling Industry - Accepted in 2019/05/14
Sahar Tarabi Ms *, Soroush Modabberi Mr, Mohamad Hashem Emami Mr, Seyed Jamal Sheikh Zakariaee Mr
XML Investigation of adakitic feature and magmatic origin of mineralized monzonitic stock in the Niza area, northwest Iran - Accepted in 2018/12/22
XML The Occurrence of Zeolites Filling in Vesicles and Fractures of Volcanic Suite in NW of Saveh, Central Iran - Accepted in 2019/04/14
Zeinab Mohamadi *, Amir Ali Tabbakh Shabani, Kamaloddin Bazargani Guilani, Morteza Delavari Koshan
XML Mineralogical and Geochemical Characteristics of the Siahrudbar Bauxite Deposit, Golestan Province, North of Iran - Accepted in 2018/11/18
Maryam Kiaeshkevaryan *, Ali Asghar Calagari, Ali Abedini, Gholamhossein Shamanian
XML Synthesis & Structural Characterization of Yttrium calcium borate, Compound, by one step Solid- state reaction Method - Accepted in 2018/11/18
XML Silica (agate-jasper) mineralization in the Chah Andoo plain, SW Damqan by Micro-Raman spectroscopy - Accepted in 2019/11/27
Maryam Shakooei, Arezoo Abedi *, Reza Mirbagheri Seyyed
XML Deposition and characterization of SnO2:Sb thin films fabricated by the spray pyrolysis method - Accepted in 2018/12/15
Mohammad Reza Fadavieslam *
XML Investigation of the structural, optical and gas sensing properties of Aluminum doped zinc -oxide nanoparticles synthesized by solvo-thermal method - Accepted in 2019/01/27
Mohammad Reza Fadavieslam *, Mahdi Ardyanian, Maryam Malekiyan
XML Geochemistry, tectonic setting and magmatic origin of the mineralized stock in SahebDivan porphyry copper system, NW Iran - Accepted in 2018/11/27
Hadi Khalilzadeh *, Samad Alipour, Ali Abedini
XML Mineralogical and ecological assessment of heavy metals in the surface sediment of Maharlou Lake, Shiraz, Iran - Accepted in 2018/12/12
Amir Karimian Torghabeh Dr *, Bijan Etemadi Dr, Mohammad Hossein Gharaie Dr, Ashkan Jahandari Mr
XML Investigation of intermolecular interactions in the crystal structure of 1-phenyl-1,2-ethanediol - Accepted in 2018/11/18
Rahman Bikas Dr. *, Marzieh Emami Miss, Anna Kozakiewicz Dr.
XML Mineralization, alteration and geochemical characteristics of host rocks in the Rangraz iron oxide-copper mineralization area, north Saveh, central part of Urumieh–Dokhtar magmatic arc. - Accepted in 2018/10/17
Hasan Zamanian *, Somayeh Dolatshahi, Alireza Karimzadeh Somarin
XML Investigation of mineralization, REE geochemistry, and fluid inclusions studies of the Shalang vein-type polymetallic ore deposit, southwest of Kerman - Accepted in 2018/10/17
Mohammad Salehi Tinoni *, Ali Abedini * *, Ali Asghar Calagari *
XML The use of mineral chemistry in the study of origin and evolution of Olivine webstrites from Ab-Bid ultramafic complex (East Haji Abad, Hormozgan province) - Accepted in 2018/12/18
XML Mineral chemistry and thermobarometry of amphibolites from the Qotur metamorphic complex (West Azerbaijan Providence, NW Iran) - Accepted in 2018/10/1
Mohammad Saadat Mr, Robab Hajialioghli Dr *, Mohsen Moazzen Dr
XML Using mineral chemistry for determination of crystallization conditions and tectonic setting of diabasic intrusive rocks from Deh-Zahir Area (West of Rafsanjan) - Accepted in 2019/01/6
Hamideh Salehinejad *, Hamid Ahmadipour Dr, Hesamadin Moeinzadeh Dr, Abbas Moradian Dr
XML Investigation of genesis and fluid origin in Noghduz gold bearing quartz veins, East Azarbaijan province, northwest of Iran - Accepted in 2018/10/1
Azam Sadat Miranvari Mrs *, Ali Asghar Calagari Professor, Kamal Siahcheshm Dr, Ghahraman Sohrabi Dr
XML Mineralogy, Petrogenesis and tectonic setting of the Nokeh intrusion in the northern Semnan (Central Iran) - Accepted in 2018/11/13
Saeed Kamran K, Ahmad Ahmadi Khalaji A *, Mehdi Rezaei-Kahkhaei R, Zahra Tahmasbi T
XML Biotite and Feldspar Chemistry: An Approach to the Petrogenesis of the Gapdan pluton (NW of Zahedan) - Accepted in 2018/10/17
XML Petrogenesis of pillow lavas based on mineralogical and geochemical data in the eastern part of Sabzevar ophiolite - Accepted in 2018/10/14
Zahra Rezaei, Moussa Noghreyan *, Emilio Saccani
XML Mineral chemistry of magnetite and fluid inclusions studies in the Kuh-Baba iron deposit, south of Hashtroud, NW Iran - Accepted in 2018/10/8
Majid Hafez Darbani Mr *, Ali Abedini Dr, Farhang Aliyari Dr, Ali Asghar Calagari Dr
XML Petrography and element geochemistry of dolomites of Sibzar Formation in east of Neyshabur - Accepted in 2018/08/29
XML Mineralogy and fluid inclusion investigations in the Zarshuran gold deposit, north of Takab, NW Iran - Accepted in 2018/10/17
Tohid Yousefi *, Ali Abedini, Farhang Aliyari, Ali Asghar Calagari
XML Geochemistry and source determination of tourmalines in Mollataleb area(North of Aligoudarz- Iran) - Accepted in 2018/08/20
SeyedVahid Shahrokhi *, Hosein Delfani
XML Fractal analysis of quartz grain boundary sutures gneissic granite of Abadchi, North of Shahrekord - Accepted in 2018/08/20
Fariba Riyahi Samani Miss, Nahid Shabanian Dr *, Alireza Davoudian Dr, Behnaz Bakhtiyari Miss
XML Damanghor intermediate sulfidation epithermal Au mineralization, Northern Bardaskan: geology, alteration, mineralization, and geochemistry - Accepted in 2018/10/17
Hossein Abbasnia, Mohammad Hasan Karimpour *, Azadeh Malekzadeh Shafaroudi
XML Tourmaline chemistry in Malayer-Boroujerd-Shazand, (Sanandaj-Sirjan Zone) - Accepted in 2018/06/13
XML Two types of tourmaline with igneous and metamorphic origin in metamorphic rocks from north of Golpayegan, Isfahan Province - Accepted in 2018/07/4
Mohssen Moazzen Mr. *, Seyed Navid Seyed Mardani Mr., Ahmad Jahangiri Mr.
XML Geochronology investigation on Bahlul daghi volcanic dome, north of Tabriz, by application of 40Ar/39Ar dating on biotite - Accepted in 2018/08/20
Seyedeh Narges Sadati *
XML Geochemical study of alteration zones around Au-bearing silicic veins at Zailic, East of Ahar, East- Azarbaidjan Province - Accepted in 2018/07/4
Azam Sadat Miranvari Mrs *, Ali Asghar Calagari Professor, Kamal Siahcheshm Dr, Ghahraman Sohrabi Dr
XML Clinopyroxene composition of the basalt from the Piranshahr ophiolite: Evidence on supra-subduction zone type magma genesis in NW Iran - Accepted in 2018/10/14
Maryam Yazdani *
XML Manganese mine of Tawakalan in Kurdistan - Iran: A rare Mn mineralization process - Accepted in 2018/09/1
Hossein Moinevaziri Mr. *
XML Petrographical study of paragneisses in Northeast of Golpayegan: migmatitization and evidences of retrograde metamorphism - Accepted in 2018/05/26
Mahin Hashemi Mrs, Nahid Shabanian Dr *, Alireza Davoudian Prof., Hossein Azizi Prof.
XML Mineralogy, geochemistry and radiometric dating of igneous rocks of Champeh salt dome, north Bandar-Lengeh - Accepted in 2018/07/4
Hadi Piroj P, Zahra Tahmasbi T *, Ahmad Ahmadi khalaji A
XML The different composition of trace elements in clinopyroxenes of alkaline and calc- alkaline magmas: a case study of Piranshahr pluton, NW of Iran - Accepted in 2018/05/19
XML Sequential syndeformational porphyroblast growth during low-pressure/high temperature contact regional metamorphism in the Ghandab region, NE Iran - Accepted in 2018/06/13
Seyed Masoud Homam Dr. *, Fereshteh Ranjbar Moghadam Dr.
XML Modification of the properties of EU-1 and mordenite zeolites by dealumination method and investigation and comparison of their performance in xylene isomerization process - Accepted in 2018/06/2
Mehrji Khosravan Dr *, Zahra Vosoughi Rahbari
XML A Study of structural and magnetic properties of fibers YBa2Cu3O7-δ superconductor made by electrospinning metاod - Accepted in 2018/07/15
Morteza Zargar Shoushtari *, Abdolmohammad Ghalambor Dezfoli, Fatemeh Hachem bachari, Yasaman Bagheri
XML Mineralogy, geochemistry and genesis of The Band - e - Ghichy Copper- Celestite deposit Torud area, South of Shahrood - Accepted in 2018/09/22
XML Mineralogical study of the Ghoznavi coal mine, eastern Alborz - Accepted in 2018/06/17
XML Using minerals chemistry of plagioclase for the study of magma crystallization process in Ravanj intrusive (NE Delijan) - Accepted in 2018/08/5
Mahboobeh Jamshidibadr Dr. *, Mahnaz Khademiparsa Dr., Fariborz Masoudi Dr.
XML Mineralogy and characterization of agate in the Torbate-Heidariya Bayag mine, NE Iran - Accepted in 2018/04/25
Elnaz Jami Al Ahmadi *, Iraj Rasa, Fariborz Masoudi, Niloofar .mousavipak
XML Thermobarometry of Mamzar granitoid body, and its tectonomagmatic implication - Accepted in 2018/05/12
Asma Nazarinia Miss, Mohsen Mortazavi Dr *, Mohsen Arvin Professor, Mohammad Poosti Dr
XML An Experimental and Theoretical Study on the Physical Properties of Al doped ZnO Thin Films - Accepted in 2018/07/17
Tahereh Mahmoodi *, Masoud Mansouri
XML Petrology, geochemistry and dating of Late Proterozoic metabasites of Majerad metamorphic complex (SE of Shahrood): A step to understanding the geodynamic developments in Gondavanian Iran terrenes - Accepted in 2018/05/26
Marzieh Veiskarami *, Mahmoud Sadeghian, Minggou Zhai, , Habibollah Ghasemi
XML Geochemical evolution in Nodusahn Zn-Pb hydrothermal deposit with an emphasis on ore mineralography and Sulfide analysis - Accepted in 2018/05/6
Kamran Motevali *, Mehrdad Behzadi, Mohammad Yazdi
XML Investigation of major, trace and rare earth elements variations in Esfezar bentonite deposit, east of Birjand, southern Khorasan province - Accepted in 2018/04/30
Gholamreza Shoja yami, Khosrow Ebrahimi *, Mohammad Hosein Zarrinkoub
XML Microstructure and Chemical Changes of Sepiolite and Vermiculite Clays on the effect of Elements Adsorption - Accepted in 2018/10/8
XML Fabrication, characterization and investigation of gas sensing properties of MoO3 thin films - Accepted in 2018/07/15
Elahe Ghaleghafi Ms., Mohammad Bagher Rahmani Dr. *
XML Mineralogy and REEs geochemistry of the Zaraj-Sou bauxite deposit, southwest of Ramsar, north of Iran - Accepted in 2018/06/3
Mahmoud Ghasemi, Ali Abedini *, Ali Asghar Calagari
XML Distribution of platinum-group elements (PGE) in chromitites of Sabzevar, NE of Iran - Accepted in 2018/05/12
XML The effect of doping of Mn on structural and magnetic properties of the strontium hexaferrite nanoparticels - Accepted in 2018/04/18
Musavi Ghahfarokhi Seyed Ebrhim *, Mojtaba Ahmadi, Iraj Kazeminezhad
XML Increasing of Solar Cell Stability Using Br-doped CH3NH3PbI3 Perovskite Absorber Layers - Accepted in 2018/04/18
Morteza Izadifard Dr *, Maryam Alidaie Miss, Mohammad Ebrahim Ghazi Dr
XML Investigation of structural and optical properties of Cr doped TiO2 synthesized at different annealing temperature by analyzing the XRD patterns and DRS spectroscopy - Accepted in 2018/04/8
Mahboubeh Yeganeh *
XML Preparation and investigation of magnetic properties of Manganese Cadmium ferrite nanoparticles by Sol-gel method - Accepted in 2018/06/20
Mohammad Niyaifar Dr. *, Mahbobe Heidari Mrs
XML Mineral chemistry, pressure-temperature determination and fluids activities in Boroujerd migmatites using cordierite mineral - Accepted in 2018/05/12
XML Mineral chemistry using for evaluation of the Esmaeilabad granite generation in the Posht-e-Badam area (Central- East Iranian Microcontinent) - Accepted in 2018/06/13
XML The study of continuous and discontinuous zoning of garnet mineral in the migmatites of the Hamedan region and its petrogenetic applications - Accepted in 2018/04/25
Seyedeh Razie Jafari, Ali Asghar Sepahi *, Mohssen Moazzen, Hossein Shahbazi
XML Mineralogy, geochemistry and genesis of the Halalan Mn deposit, south of Damghan - Accepted in 2018/04/8
Farajillah Fardoost *, Mahdiye Mosadegh, Afsaneh Soltani
XML Structural and thermobarometric investigations of metamorphic rocks in the north of Asadabad (Sanandaj-Sirjan zone) - Accepted in 2018/05/19
Behnaz Hosseini Dr *, Ahmadreza Ahmadi Dr
XML Investigation structure, mineral chemistry and origin of Fe-Ti oxide in Ghazan-Khanik mafic-ultramafic layered intrusion, Nw Urmia - Accepted in 2018/03/5
Manijeh Asadpour *, Soraya Heuss
XML Study of apatite and iron geochemistry and mineralization to identify the rare earth elements deposit Gazestan in Bafgh region (Yazd Province) - Accepted in 2018/01/14
Amir Hossein Kohsary *, Ali akbar Dehghanzadeh bafghi, Farhad Mohhamad torab
XML Crystal Size Distribution studies on the leucite, pyroxene and olivine at the eastern Urmia Lake volcanic rocks- magma mixing possibility and residence time at the chamber - Accepted in 2018/04/25
Monir Modjarrad Dr. *
XML Chemistry and formation conditions of garnet and clinopyroxene of the Seranjic skarn deposit, Ghorveh, Kurdistan province - Accepted in 2018/04/25
Zohreh Alaminia *, Mohammad hossein Razavi Seyed, Behzad Mehrabi
XML Mineralogy and geothermo-barometry of metapelitic schists, amphibolites and garnet amphibolites from Gol-Gohar metamorphic complex, SW Sirjan, Central Iran. - Accepted in 2019/04/14
XML Geochronology and isotope geology of the Late Neoproterozoic granitic and gneissic rocks of the Neybaz complex (West of Saghand) - Accepted in 2019/09/3
Ghasem Ghorbani *, Ali Akbar Asadi, Hadi Shafaii Moghadam
XML Using the geochemical behavior of silver element using gap statistics method and multivariate analysis in Cu-Mo porphyry in Hararan area, Kerman province - Accepted in 2018/04/8
XML Effect of temperature and concentration of bismuth nitrate mole on structural, magnetic and photocatalytic properties of bismuth ferrite - Accepted in 2018/01/14
XML Mineral Chemistry and Physical Conditions of Crystallization in Filshour and Goft Gabbro-diorite Intrusions, Southwest of Sabzevar - Accepted in 2018/11/27
XML Mineralogy, geochemistry and petrogenesis of protolith of amphibolites from the North east of Yan-Cheshmeh, South east of Zayandeh-rud lake - Accepted in 2018/04/4
Seyd Mohammad Hossieni Mr, Alireza Davoudian *, Nahid Shabanian, Hossein Azizi
XML Mineral chemistry, geochemistry and isotope geochronology of kalateh region (NW of Khur): implication for upper Triassic magmatism of central Iran zone - Accepted in 2017/12/16
Solmaz Baluchi *, Mahmoud Sadeghian, Habibollah Ghasemi, Zhai Minggou, Qiuli Li, Zhang Yanbin
XML Synthesis, Characterization and Crystal Structure Determination of New Coordination Polymers of Cadmium (II) Based on Pyridine Hydrazide Ligands - Accepted in 2018/01/1
Behrouz Notash *
XML Mineralogy and mineral chemistry of silicate mineral of Dardvay Fe skarn ore deposit (Sangan mining area, NE Iran) - Accepted in 2018/01/14
Majid Ghasemi Siani Dr *, Behzad Mehrabi Dr
XML Effect of hydrothermal alteration processes on the chemical composition of the extrusive section of the Marivan-Palangan ophiolite complex, Zagros, West of Iran - Accepted in 2018/01/30
XML Threshold of the twin boundaries in micro-nanoparticles of YBa2Cu3O7-x superconductor - Accepted in 2018/04/25
XML Mineral chemistry and Termobarometry of Middle Jurassic diabasic dikes Cutting metamorphic - igneous Shotor-Kuh complex (SE shahrood) - Accepted in 2018/03/5
Sakineh Shekari Mrs *, Mahmoud Sadeghiana Doctor, Ghasemi Ghasemi Professor, Zhai Minggou Professor
XML The Effect of Phase of Alumina on Crystallinity of Perovskite Layer in Perovskite Solar Cells - Accepted in 2017/11/28
Mahnood Borhani zarandi Mr *, Naser Jahanbakhshi zadeh Mr, Mohammad reza Nateghi Mr
XML U-Pb age dating on zircon crystals, Sr-Nd isotope ratios and geochemistry of Neogene adakitic domes of Quchan-Esfarayen magmatic belt,NE Iran - Accepted in 2018/01/1
Sara Gardideh *, Habibollah Ghasemi, Mahmood Sadeghian
XML Mineral chemistry and thermometry of chlorites in mineralization zones and metamorphic rocks from Golgohar iron ore deposit (No. 1), Sirjan, Kerman - Accepted in 2017/11/21
Afsane Jafari, Mohammad Hassan Karimpour *, Seyed Ahmad Mazaheri, Azadeh Malekzadeh Shafaroudi, Minghua Ren
XML Application of amphibole and plagioclase mineral chemistry for studying of Jebal-E-Barez granitoid genesis and geothermobarometry (Kerman province, Bam) - Accepted in 2017/10/23
Shirin Behpour *, Abbas Moradian, Hamid Ahmadipour
XML Geothermobarometry and pryrogenesise of Jaghin Gabbro in southeast of ‎Rudan city, Hormozgan province ‎ - Accepted in 2017/10/2
XML Mineral chemistry of apatite in the Lar igneous complex, North of Zahedan - Accepted in 2018/05/26
Rahele Moradi, محمد Boomeri *, Sasan Bagheri
XML Petrogenetic implications of mineral chemistry of the mantle diopsidites in the eastern part of the Sabzevar ophiolite (northeastern of Central Iran) - Accepted in 2017/09/12
Fatemeh Rahmani, Moussa Noghreyan *, Mohammad Ali Mackizadeh
XML Chemical mineral and petrogenesis Sorkh band Ultramafics of Kahnuj-Roudan Ophiolite belt (Nazdasht area), example of refectory residual alpine peridotite - Accepted in 2017/10/23
Fatemeh Chanideh, Gholamreza Ghadami *, Mohsen Mortazavi
XML The Effect of Copper Nano-Cluster As Sublayer On Optical And Crystalline Properties Of Titanium Dioxide Layers - Accepted in 2017/09/23
Ali Asghar Khakpoor Mr., Kamran Ahmadi Dr., Ghasem Kavei Dr. *
XML Mineral chemistry of isotropic gabbros from the Kermanshah ophiolite: Evidence for it's tectonic setting - Accepted in 2017/11/28
XML Investigation of structural properties of Yttrium Iron Garnet substituted by Antimony fabricated via sol-gel method - Accepted in 2018/01/1
Asma Pormehr Miss, Mohammad Niyaifar *, Ahmad Hasanpour Dr
XML Mineralogy, geochemistry, and fluid inclusion studies in Zaveh copper mineralization occurrence, southeast of Torbat-e-Hydarieh - Accepted in 2017/10/30
XML Investigation of illite chemistry with middle infrared light (MW-IR) and ICP-AES (Case study on the clay deposit Stoob, East-Austria) - Accepted in 2017/11/28
XML Synthesis of Magnetic Hydroxyapatite Nanocomposites and Investigation of Its Structural and Magnetic Properties - Accepted in 2017/07/19
Mansooreh Derakhshi Ms, Nasser Shahtahmassebi Dr *, Hadi Arabi Dr
XML Dacitic dome in the Southern Sanandaj-Sirjan Zone- An example of chloritization in biotite minerals - Accepted in 2017/08/19
Maryam Rajaieh *, Mohsen Mortazavi, Jalil Ghalamghash, Jafar Omrani
XML Geochemistry of Cretaceous hydromagmatic lava flows in Separdeh district, NE Qazvin, central Alborz - Accepted in 2017/12/9
XML Introdice of Ordovician plutonism as a result of Caledonian orogeny from North East of Iran - Accepted in 2017/09/11
XML - Published in 2017/06/17
XML Investigation of Mazraeh Skarn mineralization, North of Ahar, with an emphasis on fluid inclusion studies - Accepted in 2017/09/11
Mehdi Gharesi Mr *, Iraj Rasa Dr, Mohammad Yazdi Dr
XML Mineralogy, Alteration, geochemistry, and fluid inclusion studies of Fe oxide-copper mineralization of Namegh area, NE Kashmar - Accepted in 2017/10/8
Hakima Taghadosi, Azadeh Malekzadeh Shafaroudi *
XML Mineralogy and geochemistry of the Bozjani copper deposit, west of Fariman, NE Iran - Accepted in 2017/10/16
Zahra Alaminia *, Shirin Fattahi, Ali Askari
XML Crystal Structure of N'-(2-hydroxy-3-methoxy benzylidene)-4-nitro benzenesulfonylhydrazide and 1,2-bis(2-hydroxy-3-methoxy-benzylidenehydrazine) as a co-crystalline compound - Accepted in 2017/08/8
Mozhgan Tahriri Dr, Masoumeh Tabataaee Dr *, Mohammad Yousefi Dr, Khalil Mehrani Dr, Mahmood Dehghani-Ashkezari Dr, Dusek Dr
XML Mineralogy and microstructures of serpentine polymorphs in the mantle sequence of Sahneh ophiolitic complex (East Kermanshah) - Accepted in 2017/08/14
Elham Farhangian *, Mohsen Nasr Abadi, Sima Peighambari
XML Tectonomagmatic characteristics of ophiolitic gabbroids from south Orzuieh (south of Baft, Kerman) ophiolite complex: insights from clinopyroxene chemistry. - Accepted in 2017/08/8
XML Application of Cr-spinel mineral chemistry in identifying petrogenetic evolution and tectonic setting of NE Kamyaran ophiolitic complex - Accepted in 2017/10/16
Ayoub Veisinia, Mohammad Ebrahimi *, Ali Asghar Mokhtari Mir, Jamshid Amadian, Amir Morteza Azimzadeh
XML Investigation of tectonic setting and thermobarometry of the Kangareh area gabbro body (southwest of Kurdistan) using its pyroxenes mineral composition - Accepted in 2017/08/21
Farhad Aliani Dr, Mohammad Maanijou Dr, Zahra Sabouri Phd student *, Mirmohammad Miri Dr
XML The Mineral chemistry and Geothermometry of Sphalerite and Galena in Changoreh epithermal deposit, NW of Takestan: implication to type of mineralization - Accepted in 2017/11/12
Kamal Siahcheshm, Leila Alijani *, Ali Asghar Calagari, Behrooz Ahin
XML Mineralogy, geochemistry and tectonic setting of amphibolites from Mahmoudabad metamorphic complex (SE Shahindezh) - Accepted in 2017/10/23
Mohsen Nasrabady *, Shabnam Hajighorbani, Mahbobe Jamshidibadr, Zeinab Davoudi
XML کانی‌شناسی و زمین‌شیمی ذخیره کائولن رحمت‌آباد، گردنه ملا احمد نایین، استان اصفهان - Accepted in 2017/07/29
Mohammad Ali Mackizadeh Mr, Khadijeh Mari Mrs, Mahin Mansouri Mrs, Shirin Fatahi Mrs *
XML Investigatin of Genesis, Geochemistry of Alteretion and Relation of Gold Mineralization and associated elements in Hizeh-jan area (NW Iran ) - Accepted in 2017/11/28
Seyed ghafour Alavi *, Bahaedin Nakhjavani
XML Petrography, geochemistry and tectonic setting of volcanic rocks in the Shah Soltan Ali area (Southwest of Birjand) - Accepted in 2017/08/19
Samaneh Nadermezerji Miss, Mohammad Hassan Karimpour Prof *, Azadeh Malekzadeh Shafaroudi Dr
XML Mineral chemistry of clinopyroxene in the Eocene basaltic rocks of the Gardaneh Ahovan area, NE Semnan - Accepted in 2017/08/14
Mehdi Rezaei-Kahkhaei Dr. *, Azadeh Ghasabi Fayz Mrs, Habiballah Ghasemi Prof.
XML Mineralogy, ore chemistry, and fluid inclusion studies in Gushfil Pb-Zn deposit, Irankuh mining district, SW Isfahan - Accepted in 2017/10/23
Monir Saboori, Mohammad Hassan Karimpour *, Azadeh Malekzadeh Shafaroudi
XML Mineralogy, Geochemistry and morphology of the dust storms particles in the city of Gonabad - Accepted in 2017/07/22
Sedigheh Zirjanizadeh *
XML Qualification of montmorillonite purification process for nanoclay production - Accepted in 2017/07/29
Maryam Veiskarami, Mahin Mansouri Esfahani *, Mehdi Nasiri Sarvi
XML Mineralization and fluid inclusion studies in the northern part of the Kuh Zar Au-Cu deposit, Damghan (Firuzeh-Gheychi area) - Accepted in 2017/09/13
Payam Roohbakhsh, Mohammad Hassan Karimpour *, Azadeh Malekzadeh Shafaroudi
XML Effect of Fe3+ cations substitution on structural and magnetic properties of 〖Bi〗_(0.5) Y_(2.5-X) 〖Fe〗_(5+x) O_12 particles Prepared by Sol-Gel Method - Accepted in 2017/08/14
Ghazal Nourian *, Mohammad Niyaifar, Ahmad Hasanpour
XML Apatite as a main source of REE during crystallization of monazite mineral in Esfordi Fe-Apatite deposit, northeast of Bafq - Accepted in 2019/01/6
ابراهیم طالع فاضل دکتر *
XML Factors affecting the genesis and distribution of palygorskite in Tertiary parent materials and soils of Darab, Fars Province - Accepted in 2017/08/26
Vajihe Shahrokh Miss, Hossein Khademi Dr. *
XML Identifying and exploration of geochemical anomalies associated with Cu minerals in Natanz rectangle at 1:100000 scale (north Isfahan), Iran - Accepted in 2017/10/23
Zahra Alaminia, Mahin Mansouri Esfahani *, Seyed Hasan Tabatabaei, Nagar Mahroo Bakhtiari
XML Synthesis, crystal-molecular structure and spectral investigation of mixed-ligand Cu(II) new complex with 1,10-phenanthroline bidentate ligand by Salicylaldehyde S-benzylisothiosemicarbazone - Accepted in 2017/10/8
Reza Takjoo *, Joel T. Mague
XML Study of the Geochemical Characteristics metapelites in the Gol-Gohar area within the Gol-Gohar iron deposit district, SW Sirjan - Accepted in 2017/10/4
Rezvan Mirzaei rayeni *, Ali Ahmadi, Hassan Mirnejad, Mohammad Boomeri
XML Distribution of trace and rare earth elements among metamorphic phases and relict clinopyroxenes in epidote- amphibolites from the North of Urumia, NW Iran - Accepted in 2017/07/22
XML The first report of the presence of High pressure metamorphic minerals in Kermanshah Ophiolite Complex - Accepted in 2017/07/29
Farhad Aliani Dr, Zeinab Daraeezadeh *
XML Geochemistry and tectonic setting of granite-gneisses from Abadchi, North of Shahrekord - Accepted in 2017/06/18
Fariba Riyahi Samani Miss, Nahid Shabanian Dr. *, Alireza Davoudian Dr.
XML Mineral chemistry of tourmaline in Lale Zar granite mass (kerman province) - Accepted in 2018/08/6
Sadaf Ahmadi Ms *, Zahra Tahmasbi Dr, Ahmad Ahmadi Dr, Farhad Zall Dr
XML Effect of drying temperature on structural, dielectric, optical and magnetic properties of sol-gel derived 〖BiFeO〗_3 nanoparticles - Accepted in 2017/10/15
Mohammad Ranjbar, Mohammad E. Ghazi *, Morteza Izadifard
XML Zeolites filling cavities and amigdales of basic volcanic rocks in NW of Davazdah-Emam mountain, north Central Iran - Accepted in 2017/10/8
Sahar Koohfar *
XML Mineral Chemistry, Paragenesis and Geochronological studies of the Hormuz Formation Diabase rocks in the salt domes of Sothern Iran, Hormozgan province - Accepted in 2017/09/11
Parichehr Ahmadi Moghadam *, Mohsen MORTAZAVI Dr., Mohammad Mohammad POOSTI Dr., Hamid AHMADI POUR Dr.
XML Mineral chemistry and Geothermobarometry of Spid pluton (West Qom) - Accepted in 2017/05/28
Nima Rahimi Mr, Hassan Mirnejad Dr, Maryam Sheibi Dr *, Soroush Modaberi Dr
XML The use of textural and mineralogical evidence to determining of melt-rock reaction, partial melting and origin of Kermanshah peridotites - Accepted in 2017/06/24
Ali Moradpour, Reza Zarei Sahamieh *, Ahmad Ahmadi Khalaji, Ramin Sarikhani
XML Study of mineralogical properties of sugarcane fields in comparison with uncultivated lands and fields under rotation cultivation in south of Khuzestan Province - Accepted in 2017/04/26
Ahmad Landi Dr *, Sara Pourkayhan Mrs, Mostafa Chorom Dr, Saeid Hojati Dr, Siroos Jafari Dr
XML Studies of mineralography of intrusive rocks and compliance with geochemical data and their relationship with the iron mineralization in South of Moein Abad, East of Iran, ZirKouh Qaen - Accepted in 2017/07/4
Maryam sadat Mazhari Miss *, Seyed Ahmad Mazaheri Dr, Saeid Saadat Dr, Seyed Massoud Homam Dr
XML Mineral chemistry, petrogenesis of metapelitic rocks of metamorphic - igneous Shotor-Kuh complex (SE shahrood) - Published in 2017/06/6
Sakineh Shekari Mrs *, Mahmoud Sadeghian Dr, Habibollah Ghasemi Prof, Zhai Minggou Prof
XML Geology, Mineralization, Geochemistry, and petrology of monzodioritc dikes in Hatamabad copper occurrence, Northeast of Qaen - Accepted in 2017/06/24
Turan Ramezani Abbakhsh, Azadeh Malekzadeh shafaroudi *, Mohammad hasan Karimpour

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