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There are two main steps in the review process of the Iranian Journal of Crystallography and Mineralogy; At first, the submitted manuscripts are evaluated by the editorial board, then the papers fitting the editorial criteria are sent for the scientific review. In the reviewing process, the article is first reviewed by two expert reviewers in the relevant field. For a final decision, two reviewers need to have the same opinions on a particular manuscript. If both of them approve the article, it will be accepted for publication. If the article is approved by one reviewer but rejected by the other, the corresponding author is asked to revise it and the revised manuscript will be sent to a third expert reviewer. In this case, the third referee decides to accept or reject the article. Acceptance decision on a manuscript can be taken by the editorial board after receiving two approval reports from the reviewers. In this case, the authors should submit the final version of their paper along with the other requied documents for production.

The reviewed manuscript would undergo one of the following possibilities:  

1. Acceptable as it is

2. Acceptable, after minor corrections

3. Acceptable, after major (general and structural) modifications and reconsideration by the reviewers (In this case, the revised manuscript along with the authors’ responses are sent to the reviewers for further judgement. If the reviewers approve the manuscript, the article will be accepted for publication, but it will be rejected if the comments have not been addressed correctly and the reviewer thinks further revisions are needed.)

4. Reject

Note: If the authors disagree with some or all of the reviewers’ comments, they can submit their counter-argument against the comments supporting with the convincing evidence in a text entitled "Response to reviewers" and upload it through the ‘Add files’ tab on the journal personal page. The answer will be reviewed by the editorial board and the reviewers and the author will be informed about the new decision.

Some key points:

1. In review process, the authors do not know who the reviewers are, however, the reviewers know who the authors are.

2. The corresponding author is the one who handle the correspondence at all stages of refereeing, proof-editing, publication and also paying the printing fee.

3. The authors can track their article online via the journal's website.

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