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Synthesis of BiVO4 nanoparticles by the co-precipitation method and study the crystal structure, optical and photocatalytic properties of them. www.ijcm.ir 2020; 28 (3) :797-806
URL: http://ijcm.ir/article-1-1531-en.html
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In this paper, the bismuth vanadate (BiVO4) nanoparticles were synthesized at 600 °C calcination temperature by co-precipitation method. To study the crystal structure, morphology, optical and photocatalytic properties of the samples, the X-ray diffraction analysis, field emission scanning electron microscopy, energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy and ultraviolet visible spectroscopy were used. The X-ray diffraction patterns were indicated that the BiVO4 samples have a monoclinic structure. The ultraviolet-visible analysis was revealed the BiVO4 samples have an optical band gap in the visible light range. The photocatalytic activities of the synthesized BiVO4 were evaluated by photodegradation of Congo red under visible light irradiation. According to the results of the analysis, the synthesized nanoparticles is a good choice for the degradation of organic matter into the sunlight.
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Type of Study: Research | Subject: Special

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